Day 1: Took Off Running

I honestly thought that the first day of the No Impact Week was Sunday. For some reason I had sinking feeling in my stomach as I just embarked on a 25 mile journey to escape the Pam covered eggs in the dinning halls and get breakfast in Easton. It suddenly made me think just how ¬†as a culture, we don’t think about the actions we make and their impacts. I drove 25 miles one way just because I was too picky when it comes to the food in the dinning halls. Thats when I took a second and thought, “wow, this week is going to be hard.”

I already try to live my life doing the little things to help out our planet. If when I am in the restroom and the shower is dripping or the sinks, I make sure to turn them completely off. I try to thoroughly sort through my trash and make sure what is recyclable is actually recycled. However, looking back at my consumption diary and just merely looking through my room, I realized that I was still doing much more harm that good. So the first thing that I did on the warm Ohio day, I unplugged my 14+ electronics from the sockets, including two fans that were pretty much always on. Yikes, I along with many people forgot that even when you aren’t per se charging your phone, just being plugged in still draws power. On top of unplugging the items that don’t need to be plugged in, I started carrying around two pieces of cloth. I had one to use as my napkin or to try my hands and one to use as a handkerchief if needed. Aside from those, I did a stellar job of not doing anything to create a negative impact. I ate locally, took less than a 2 minute shower, didn’t produce any trash, I always use a glass water bottle, and I tried to either not use lights or efficient LED lights. This still left one big problem for me… my coffee craving… I tend to spend way too much money on coffee at River Road and sadly I never thought about how much gas I use to get there and how many cups I have thrown away. Alas, to finish off the day I actually found a way around the disposable cups. I brought a big glass bottle to use as my coffee cup. Now on to what day 2 will bring!


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