Day One

I was up super late last night, so I decided to begin at midnight. I was with a friend, explaining No Impact week to her, and she was inspired and decided to do it with me. Since one of my goals is to give up my phone for the week (it is currently sitting somewhere on East Quad) she also decided to do this. True friendship right there.

Because I normally set my alarm on my phone, I completely forgot to set an alarm elsewhere. Luckily, my roommate and I have class at the same time on Mondays, so she woke me up.

The one reminder I gave myself this morning was to remember not to use paper towels. Consequently, by noon today, my skirt was covered with water stains from wiping my hands on my skirt. In between classes, I screwed up, and accidentally used a piece of paper towel. I groaned the second I did it, and then decided that I couldn’t really do that much about it at that point. Upon getting lunch, I picked up a salad in a greenie, and then realized I didn’t have a fork. I used one of the slayter plastic forks, but I guess I will now be reusing it all week!


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