Day One

My day started off pretty tough but got easier as I went. I began with a short shower which I think is going to be the hardest change for me. I then transitioned to breakfast where I had eggs and potatoes, but found myself struggling to have zero food waste. The third difficulty of the day was Slater. I found myself at Slater twice and still have not gotten a greenie. I need to do better about that tomorrow. My room is extremely hot so my fan has been on but the lights have been off. I find myself consistently creating trash from wrappers. In conclusion, I am having a hard time with the little things.



  1. Keep that window wide open grantland! I feel you, it will only continue to get hotter as summer comes nearer… when we get lunch tomorrow ill remind you to get a greenie. Once we get in the swing of things No-Impact will become easier.

  2. It’s all good, as long as you have the intention for being environmentally friendly than things will naturally get better in terms of becoming less wasteful.

  3. It is so hard to eat at Slayter now! I guess greenies are neccesary this week. Maybe this week will change me forever and i will get a greenie even when it isnt no impact week.

  4. Do not worry too much about the first day it was rough for most, and the greenie thing was so rough remembering. If my friend was not there I would not have gotten one.

  5. Indeed, Slater makes limiting impact quite difficult! Getting a greenie is a must!– keep trying grant, even the simple flick off of a light switch can make a difference. Hope your room cools off!

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