Day One

Day one of no impact week went mostly as expected; which is to say that I absentmindedly failed my daily goals on several occasions. One of my main goals was to reduce the amount of waste I generate by only drinking water from my re-usable water bottle. However, as soon as I got out of my first class, I rushed excitedly to Slayter for my mid morning cup of coffee in a disposable cup. The biggest challenge I have found so far is remaining aware of my goals throughout the day. The efforts to do this have made me painfully aware of how the default position for me is to mindlessly consume without even considering it.



  1. I feel the struggle George. I didn’t do very well today either. There’s always room for improvement. Just keep at it.

  2. I found myself wanting to do the same things. I really wanted to go get a drink at Slayter after my internship, like I always do, but I forced myself to show at least some restraint and made myself only drink the water from my bottle.

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