First day

It is much harder than i thought to limit my waste. I have noticed all day my tendencies to reach for pre packaged, easy to eat foods that exist in my room, and in the market at Slater. Eating at Curtis helps limit food waste because there is no packaging. Curtis also has specific bins for different types of wastes. This is dramatically better than Slater where i have noticed people just toss full meals and half full drinks into the recycling bins. Overall my day has been a challenging learning experience. Constantly being conscious of my impact today showed me how much of an impact i make as an individual.



  1. I should really start eating at curtis, i have not been to huffman or curtis for about 6 weeks now. Think about all of those slayter boxes. yikes :/

  2. Your curtis comment is valid but I still notice people mess it up. The next question for you is, how can I do better?

  3. Really nice point about Curtis, Connor. I like where your heads at. I ate at Slayter twice today and really suffered with the throw away containers. I forgot to ask for a greenie until it was too late. I’ll work on it though don’t worry.

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