Pretty Rough Start

This morning I woke up, sluggishly fell out of bed, made a cup of coffee, used a plastic stirrer (sorry guys), drank my coffee, and then took a ten minute shower. As soon as I stepped out of the shower I had that “oh my god” sort of feeling in my gut. You know the one you get when you show up to class and realize you forgot your project? Yeah, it was like that, but with a lot more guilt. Needless to say, I had forgotten about the No Impact project. But even Colin had problems on the first day, right? So, after this realization I went back to my room, unplugged my fan, unplugged both TV’s and my Keurig, and turned all the lights off in an attempt to make up for my morning mistakes. So far, I’m not doing so hot, but I’ve set the bar low so I can only improve. I made a note on my whiteboard that says, “NO IMPACT” in bright red so that I remember to actually change my behavior. It’s a rough start, but I know I can commit to No Impact week, even if today did not go so well.



  1. I also unplugged everything, except my fridge and my fish tank. It is weird to think that at every turn, everything we do during the day results in the consumption of something. I really hope that this project helps open my roommate’s eyes too, because she likes to buy a lot of useless stuff. Not that I can judge, I have a huge collection of not-so-disposable water bottles sitting on my desk that I am currently trying to find a use for.

  2. After reading your blog post, I was inspired to also make a note in my room to remind me of No Impact Week. I followed your example, and wrote NO IMPACT on my mirror in bright red expo marker.

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