Rough Start

First day of No Impact I got my cup of coffee and yogurt for breakfast from the Curtis fast food.  Abruptly, I realized I was holding two items that I would have to dispose after consumed!  I decided I would use the coffee cup as my reusable coffee cup; as well as the yogurt container would have to be used as my food holder.  Great, now I’m stuck with these gross containers…



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  1. Pete, I have faith in you. I really think you did a good job on the first day, and limited your impact by a lot. Maybe you can run your “gross” containers under some water and they will be manageable. Try and put a reminder in your phone that a lets you in the morning that we are participating in No Impact Week so when you go to Curtis you know not to grab any food that has a container involved. Make sure to keep those showers to a minimum and turn off the lights when you leave the room.

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