Thirst for Plastic

My goals for this week are simple, initially i thought it would be easy to resist buying plastic bottles from Slayter.  But what do you know? I have already bought 3 drinks. I feel awful considering 2 of the drinks I bought were water bottles. From now on i will carry my OWN re-usable water bottle so i never have to buy one from Slayter again.



  1. I definitely understand the struggle of avoiding plastic cups. I have plenty of reusable hot/cold cups, but I can never remember to bring them. I’ll have to take one with me to Slayter tomorrow!

  2. Honestly I feel the same way. I went to Slayter a few times today and bought drinks also. I need to stop buying drinks and start bring my own bottle to get water and make that a habit that will last longer than just this week. It will be awesome to see you achieve your goals, so best of luck this week.

  3. Proud of you. No worries about the water bottle but a good goal of not buying them this week. You should use the bottles you bought today if you still have them.

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