Typical Monday

Who needs lights on a day like this amiright? So beautiful and sunny, no reason so use electricity, so all good on that front. Today started out a bit rough, used a wooden stirrer and some napkins for breakfast, but turned on my no impact mindset mid day. Breakfast was all local and so was lunch, but I chickened out in the heat of the 1:00 Slayter rush and forgot to get a greenie. Curtis for dinner and reusable solo cups for necessary beverages has gotten me back on track. I hope to do better tomorrow but am proud to have used this beautiful day to my advantage and opted out of the harsh lighting of the lib or my room.

– Olivia signin out 🙂



  1. Good call on taking advantage of this beautiful weather as a way to diminish your energy use. Keep up that positive attitude; mistakes are bound to happen but your heads in the right place.

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