Wishing it was not-as-much impact week

I started out today with lots of optimism regarding this project and had several good ideas for this week that I felt would prepare me for some challenges I might encounter. I knew that this morning I would have to go to Curtis so as to avoid the waste that results from breakfast at Slayter. However, not 5 minutes into breakfast I was desperately ¬†looking for something besides a napkin to wipe my pants. Kali’s pants were offered as a solution to the problem but for other obstacles, I was unable to come up with a no impact solution. I haven’t been able to part ways with Q-tips yet, as dry ears are a must for me. Today made me realize how difficult it is to eliminate waste from your life when you are a college student looking to snack on a busy schedule. Hopefully I will come up with a reasonable solution for this dilemma before the week concludes.


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  1. Unfortunately, you are so right about being a college student and wanting to snack on a busy schedule. I unfortunately have not really found an alternative to my snacking habits. Its kinda crazy to think about how most of the food we take for granted, all the things that are so easily and conveniently available to us, are neatly packed away in packaging that is 100% designed for the dump.

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