Blake’s post for day 1

“I am ashamed, I am a hypocrite, I am the problem. When I woke up this morning and order two breakfast sandwiches from slayer and bought two containers of orange juice I was really enjoying my day. It wasn’t until my friend came up to me and said “Blake, what happened with No Impact Week” when I then looked at my sandwich and may or may not have sworn. What an embarrassment, my first meal of the day involves diary, meat, tinfoil, and plastic. I knew going into this week that my diet would be the hardest part of No Impact Week because I am a picky eater with dietary restrictions. I am proud of myself for turning down an invitation to the movie theater which would have involved driving, I am also proud of limiting my time in the shower. Unfortunately I did have to do my laundry and I also had opened two cans of tennis balls which has plastic. For me though, it is all about making less impact every day and learning how I can improve my footprint. I see tomorrow being even better for me .”


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  1. Blake. Do not be so hard on yourself this week is not as easy as it seems. The best way to approach No Impact Week is to take baby steps and add something new every day. That is what i find easiest.

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