Day 2

Today I went to class for an hour and 20 minutes, then spent the rest of the day outdoors because I was at a track meet. However, my meet was at Wooster which is a two hour drive away. That used a lot of gas, but I think that spending 6 hours outside without using electricity evened that out. At the end of the day, the team dinner was pizza, so we had a lot of waste pizza boxes and napkins. The meet itself produced a minimal amount of waste; the only disposable items used were cups for water and bags for ice.

This morning I would count as pretty successful because I took a reusable cold-cup to Slayter for my iced coffee. I think I’m going to bring that to Slayter more often because I usually start my day with an iced coffee, which produces a lot of waste.

As for showers, my day has been super long but I managed to keep my shower at 6 minutes. I think what Dr. Aguilar said about listening to music in the shower helps me to keep track of time better, so I’ve been trying that.

Overall, I think today went a little better than yesterday. I’ve been able to keep the fan in my room off, despite the hot weather and my room being on the third floor. Each day I can progress a little more, so I think by the end of the week I’ll be sticking to my goals.

Grace Zukowski


  1. I feel like keeping track of everything keeps you on task, and you have at least been conscious of it. Today was a failure for me personally so seeing that you consumed less was at least one small victory for the environment.

  2. Being an athlete, showers are essential due to running around and getting all sweaty, I commend you for your short shower time.

  3. quick note on sports the generate a lot waste and miles for travel

  4. As a fellow athlete I understand that you have no control over the waste of gas and food wasted. theres nothing much you can do about that.

  5. I’m impressed you still stuck to that 6min shower. Seems like the music works!

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