Day 2: Nutty

My day started early. I was stuckĀ in the fully illuminated library until 2am when they kicked me out. I felt bad about all of the electricity I was absorbing on the computer but it had to be done. I finished the 6th page then went back to my room and tried to get some sleep. I woke up at 7:30, took a delightful 5 minute shower and then headed back to my post in the library where I finished my paper. My Curtis lunch was mediocre but I produced almost no waste so I was happy with it. Our wonderful nature walk to the Homestead provided some excellent exercise and we picked up some trash along the way too. Sadly I am back in the library but overall it was a better day than yesterday.




  1. Your awesome Ryan. It was so nice walking to the homestead with you earlier and discussing ways to clean up campus. I think we can all make a difference, but well have to be diligent. Keep up the good work, and remember plastic bags can’t be recycled

  2. The library is actually way better than using the lights in your room because it houses plenty of other students. And good job on the short shower-at least you conserved water.

  3. Ryan, great to hear about your strong effort in the library– Hard work pays off!!.. Anyway, great choice eating at Curtis but lets strive to get that shower down closer to 3 minutes or less if you can!

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