Day 2: Thinking about my actions is harder than I thought

Day 2 brought no other than what I anticipated, a whole new round of daily actions I have to reconsider in order to reduce my impact. Two days in a row I decided to rethink my usual routine of taking a nice hot shower as I attempt to wake up for the day. After deciding to crawl out of bed much later than I wanted, the next thing I had to decide was how to tame my growling stomach as the lengthy period of time since the last time I ate was catching up to me. I could easily reach for a snack packaged in plastic and designed for the dump. My laziness and sleepiness told me to just go ahead and chow down. The conscience side of me faintly whispered, “don’t do it.” As I reach for the processed treat neatly packed in plastic, I got the text “want to get lunch?” Not only did this instant message make me realize the importance of self restraint, it also reminded me that in this instant world we live in, choosing to take the time to go to something like lunch with someone you care about outweighs the limited satisfaction of the disposable snacks.

I almost feel as if I draw too much out of the little things, like trying to draw a much deeper meaning out of something so trivial or benign. However, admittedly this year has been one of the hardest year of my all so lengthy 20 years on this earth. When I started to read No Impact Man, a lot of what Colin was trying to discover about himself, I was trying to figure out myself. It is really so easy to keep living everyday without thinking about what our everyday actions mean. I keep going through the same daily routine and find myself in the same rut. I soon realized that everything boiled down to trying to find satisfaction in things I buy. This I think is what makes this week almost no longer a challenge of how I can reduce my environmental impact but break away from the “hedonic treadmill” that Colin discusses in his book.

Going in to day 2, I still have been continuing to utilize my reusable water bottle, carrying my cloth with me, and trying my best not to consume or buy anything new. However, this still leaves me in the same position where I was struggling yesterday. What to do about my craving for coffee? I could easily just use a my own coffee grinds in my room where I have a reusable coffee filter and reusable mugs. However, with the spike in recent temperature it is time to start drinking iced coffee! I cant do that in my room making me vulnerable to the little voice in the back of my head telling me to drive down the road to get coffee. Unfortunately I caved in… I did carpool try to reduce my impact a little but I still felt bad when I guiltily threw away the plastic cup that the iced beverage came in. Next step in this No Impact Week, don’t create trash that I can easily avoid!



  1. Yea! I’m so happy you got that text! It allowed you to connect and forgo the the trash!

  2. I completely get what you mean with the temptation to eat the perfectly packaged, easy to create waste food items. Often times in the morning, I am very tempted to eat the granola bar that is wrapped in impossible to recycle plastic, but is so convenient for eating while walking or going somewhere. So far, I have not let it get the better of me and I hope I can continue to resist.

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