Day Two

Today was even more difficult then yesterday. I woke up with a stuffy nose and sore throat from some serious seasonal allergies. There was a moment when I seriously considered using tissues but instead found a towel…which I will have to wash. Then at breakfast this morning I was faced with the issue of using napkins, again I just used my pants. The only real mistake today was the fact I drove to a gas station to fill up my tank because I have a Big Brother Big Sister meeting in Newark tomorrow. I will have to drive there as well..so really using my car is a real problem for me. Hopefully I can find a better solution.



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  1. I would recommend you bring a cloth napkin to breakfast tomorrow; you wouldn’t want to keep getting stains on your pants. Since it appears that using your car is pretty much inevitable and necessary, perhaps you should try to schedule a carpool to BBBS in the future to reduce the number of trips made and cars on the road.

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