Go Greenies!

I can’t imagine how much harder this week would be if greenies were not an option available here on Denison’s campus. Relying on the dining halls for meals would be nearly impossible due to the conflict of operating hours with my class schedule. When Slayter’s grab-and-go is the best you can do, greenies make the trip feel guilt-free. So today, on day two, I am very appreciative of greenies. However, I feel that greenies are underutilized by students on our campus who simply haven’t been made to think about the amount of waste that results from their consumption. And yes, its slightly less convenient to remember to return your used containers but the additional thoughtfulness can make a great difference. Greenies will definitely continue to be a part of my Slayter routine for my remaining time at Denison.



  1. I agree- people don’t use Greenies enough here. They’re super convenient and help reduce waste. I know I simply forget to ask for one, so I’m going to try to remember from now on. Good job today!

  2. Greenies are great. I always forget to bring mine to Slayter though. This week I’ve been using the greenies so much more than usual.

  3. I know it is easy to use a greenie! I am so happy you are taking advantage of this resource. However, being with you at bfast this morning..you did spill and have to use napkins. Try not to be so clumsy-it is easier and less to clean-up đŸ™‚

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