Looking Good So Far

The second day went so much better than the first. I managed to take a four minute shower, which was pretty groundbreaking for me. I did have to charge my laptop today, so that was a slight disappointment. My roommate and I haven’t plugged our fan in since yesterday and it has been kind of awful. If if wasn’t so hot and stuffy in the dorms having the fan unplugged wouldn’t be such a big deal. So far, this No Impact thing is getting easier. Hopefully the heat won’t force me to plug the fan back in.



  1. Can you guys open the window- the breeze last night was awesome!

  2. Yeah I had to use my fan today because my room is miserable. But I limited myself to 20 minutes and aimed the fan up in hopes to get some air circulating.

  3. Way to get it down to 4 minutes! Baby steps my friend!

  4. I am struggling with the same dilemma except my fan has been plugged in. I simply could not sleep or be 5 minutes in my room without sweating. Good job on the shorter shower you should try and make it 3 minutes tomorrow.

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