As a lot of you guys know, I commute to school and a lot of times I need to be back at home for work or other things before dinner. So I have decided to slightly change my personal goals. At my house, I do not have the ability to eat purely local food because I do not supply the food in my house. So, I have to switch from attempting to eat all local food to eating only local food when I can. I still will not eat anything in wasteful individualized packaging, but if my parents have made a roast beef in the crock pot, I will not say no. Other than this, day 2 has gone very well with maintaining my 3 minute shower and keeping the lights off for as long as possible and not putting anything unnecessarily into the waste stream like plastic bottles and other wrappers.



  1. I can definitely see how eating local foods would be an issue. Luckily campus pretty much only serves locally bought/grown foods. Keep it up Parker!

  2. Thats a tough goal to achieve with the local foods, good luck!

  3. its s shame about the unavoidable commute, but well done for finding other ways to reduce your impact!

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