Stairs :'(

So day two has been great, I have completely eliminated my waste on campus today. I did not purchase any plastic bottles at Slayter because i had my own water bottle to hydrate myself throughout the day. When I had to purchase food I used a Greenie and did not create any waste. However todiay has not been perfect. I find myself using the elevator whenever possible. This may be because my foot is currently injured but I need to start reducing time spent in the elevator when i have 2 legs to walk myself up the stairs.



  1. I hope your foot heals fast! Nails are dangerous. Keep up the good work with the greenies though I know I need to remind myself they are an option.

  2. Yeah may as well once you’re well again, it takes more time anyways.

  3. It is great to see that you eliminated all of your waste along with using the green in slayter. I need to start using the greenie myself and it is great to see someone use them. Hope your foot gets better and that you achieve your goals for this week.

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