April 20th -Day Three

It was a lot of less adjustment today, I fell into a healthier and more eco-friendly way of life. There was just a sense of bliss today as I was able to lay under the sun with some friends while we worked on homework and talked about life. I could not imagine a more perfect day for the ability to relax in the grass. As this week continues I just plan on working harder to reduce my amount of trash, I have already gone over my goal which was upsetting, but I have two days to keep up improvement. Also, my showers have gotten down to 3 minutes which I did not think was possible but it was great going beyond my original goal of only 5 minutes.



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  1. That is great! This No Impact Week could not have fallen on a more perfect week. With all of this sunshine and beautiful weather it really is awesome that we are able to go outside and utilize mother nature allowing to enjoy time with our friends in the sun!

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