Blake’s day 2

After a very unsuccessful day 1 of No Impact Week, I went to bed upset and ashamed of my performance. Before I closed my eyes I made an oath that I would do better on day 2. When I awoke from my sleep and was getting ready in the morning, I wanted to pretend like Colin was following me around all day and judged every decision I made. I ate at the dinning hall during all my meals today which saved a lot of waste I would’ve thrown away at slayter. Whenever I was in my room I had the lights off and used natural sunlight and I also turned my AC off. My after practice shower was quick and I have been very diligent about my time on my electronic devices. For entertainment I went for a walk and enjoyed watching the mens lacrosse game. My only real mistake I made today that I think Colin would be upset at me for was the Coke I recently purchased. I knew when I was buying it it was wrong of me, but I needed the caffeine in order to stay up and write a paper I have due. I see day 3 being ever better for me and I hope better for my peers as well.