Day 2- High Impact day

Today, I started off by drinking a cup of coffee again- I guess that habits die hard. I really tried to be better with my consumption, but by the end of the day I realized I had eaten a pizza on a cardboard box, helped mop up a friend’s spilled drink- with 10 napkins might I add- and then took a airhead from a friend. I then also proceeded to not check if my blog actually posted. It’s definitely been a rough day. However, the entire day I was still thinking about my impact between my blunders- which I guess is the point of this assignment. I thought about how before I even give it a second thought, I use the elevator, blow my nose and consume copious amounts of coffee. I hope this is a low point in the week because I am feeling guilty. I also just need to stay strong and eat some green veggies.


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