Day 3

Today was probably the easiest day so far as I was able to produce no waste today and spent most of the day outside. Since the weather was beautiful, I really enjoyed the walk down to the Michelle Center and the walk up even though it was difficult I was still able to enjoy the beautiful views and sites Denison has to offer. The only thing that I was not proud of today was that I took 2 showers instead one. I woke up and showered and took another shower after my football practice but luckily was able to keep the times under 2 mins which kinda helped no create as huge as an impact as I usually do. But all in all today was another great day and it was awesome to spend time outside in beautiful weather.



  1. Two showers aren’t so bad if you’re still keeping them short! Don’t feel guilty about wanting to be clean. Its awesome to experience the campus in a new way, I hope you continue to notice new things.

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