Day 3: Another go at it

Day 3 of No Impact Week is pretty much just another page in the book. I continue to keep up with my goals that I created and even try to do better. So far this week, I have actually found that trying to reduce my impact turned from something that I thought would be incredible challenging to something that feels good to do. Obviously I am not going into this No Impact Week to the same extent as Colin, but just starting to be conscience about my everyday actions gives me a sense of satisfaction when I do something to reduce my impact.

Even though I have been pretty good about trying not to create waste, today I faced the biggest challenge yet. I left my pieces of cloth in my room before class started… Man, I used my cloth to try to completely get rid of the use of paper products! Because I have class all the way from 9:30 to 2:50, I thought that I would be doomed. I unfortunately found myself in a few situations where I had no other choice but to conveniently reach over to the disposable paper towels or tissues. Note to self, don’t forget them tomorrow!!

The one thing that I have started to notice is that Im beginning to be more observant of other peoples actions as well. This can be a bad thing though. Today while working on homework, I noticed a girl that used one of the coffee cup sleeves on her iced beverage so that she wouldn’t have to touch the condensation on the cup. I just wanted to go over there and scold her for wasting so she wouldn’t have to get her hands a little wet! Another incident was when I was walking up to the door of my dorm and some guy decided to throw a plastic bottle out of his car window as he drove by. I thought “what a jerk!” Did he just think that the plastic bottle would magically get up on its own and carry itself over to the recycling bin? This made me think about when Colin was struggling with the same thing. What I remembered is that he said we cant force people into a drastic change like this. Showing how living in a more sustainable way and being happier while doing it will pave the road for others to follow. With that being said, I just grunted and properly disposed of the plastic bottle.

As for tomorrow, I am hoping that I can completely try to reduce my impact as much as possible. I will try not to drive anywhere tomorrow and create no waste like the paper products I unfortunately had to use today!



  1. Having a car on campus must be difficult. The ease of convenience is so easy to fall for. But you have to remind yourself it is NIW and that walking is your only mode of transportation.

  2. It can be frustrating! Sometimes people think the project is interesting and are willing to at least consider their impact- but often times people want to go about their usual routines. It is difficult to have to come face to face with habits that aren’t necessarily good. But I think you are doing a great job…and a good job at trying to understand other people’s perspectives. Keep up the good work.

  3. I am also struggling to not encourage people to try no impact week. It seems to me that people are just uninterested in saving the environment and just want to wait for some magical solution to all of our problems. The only thing we can try to do is attempt to educate people so that they can make the decision to create less of an impact on their own.

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