Day 3- Passion for a change

As the week has progressed, I have been observing people’s reactions to my consumption changes. Some have turned their noses to me, some have chuckled and rolled their eyes, and others haveĀ gotten me food and then removed the wrappers as if that was some kind of alternative way of reducing my personal consumption. People are unaware and that is really concerning to me. While my usual consumption does include coffee and packaged products, it has also for a long time meant recycling my bottles and simply reusing products. I have also always gotten as much as I could out of each product I use, like doing one load of laundry at once to reduce the amount of water I use. This wasn’t particularly to save the environment, but how I was raised. My mom’s number one pet peeve is when people leave lights on when they’re not in the room. Reducing consumption doesn’t take that much of a concern for the environment as it does just being aware of the sheer amount of trash one person ignorantly passes on to the dump. As a school, we are at the core of the problem. Education is the most important factor and this is a place of learning. We have to change.



  1. Good for you, don’t worry about other people’s opinions. Set an example for the rest!

  2. I totally agree with you it is not a matter of reducing consumption but becoming aware of what we waste. Good work so far and keep up the great work.

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