Day Three

Today was fairly no-impact, I ended up outside for almost the whole day (minus during class). It was really nice to do work in the sun, but also very distracting. I also went for a run, but without listening to music so I did not have to use any devices. It was really refreshing just to listen to nature around me on my run.

I slipped up today and took a seven minute shower (I have a cold and was trying to clear out my sinuses), but on the plus side I have managed to get through three days with a cold without using a single tissue! My once clean bandannas are now in quite a disgusting state, but it’s ok.

I brought silverware to eat at Slayter today, but then forgot, and used one of their napkins. I would say today was a 7/10.



  1. Nice job with bringing silverware (even though it wasn’t used). I think that’s a smart idea and a goal for us all to try to accomplish.

  2. It’s reassuring to acknowledge the benefits of this project. It serves as a nice reminder that the inconveniences we are experiencing have an upside.

  3. I like the “ho-hum” with the no music while running

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