Day Three

Day three went way better than the past two days. I managed to take a 2 minute shower and have no impact until my first class. After my classes things went sideways but nothing too extreme. I got slater and forgot to get a greenie until it was too late. I also ate a decent amount of wrapped goods after that. Besides the trash and recycling I managed to make no impact by minimizing my use of electricity and water. I am working on not even going to slater because it just ends with an impact.



  1. Lets keep your consumption of wrapped goods to a minimum. Thats an easy fix

  2. Its okay grant. Sometimes Slayter runs out of greenies and the only thing you can do is get a box. Maybe slayter should establish a tray system so the boxes can be retired.

  3. I have the same issue with Slayter and its packaged foods, but like you I am able to realize the impact I’m making, which I think is important.

  4. That is a very good goal. At least you are able to acknowledge and understand the impact that going to Slayter and buying the conveniently packaged snacks and drinks!

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