finding the balance

Today was interesting for me. I wavered a bunch on pushing myself to do more and being okay with the steps I was making. I did a lot of reflection on the things I’ve done during my years doing this project. I think I finally have found my groove. It is not so much work that I’m miserable (that was yesterday) nor do I feel like I’m giving up all of my goals. But I think finding small compromises is the key.

Today was good. I haven’t used light at all except for about 5 minutes for my 2 min. shower. I created zero waste!!!!! This is huge. Albeit, my waste will come to a crash by the end of the week when I’ve finished off my local food and have to throw away all the packaging (which is a real problem with trying to both eat local and decrease waste). I also was able to commune with friends! The trick was to plan appropriately. Rather than meet with my colleague over coffee during day light hours, we met for dinner to work. This allowed me to used daylight hours to grade and then work at a local restaurant while getting together with a friend all while creating zero waste. I did eat food that wasn’t local, but it felt okay given there was no meat.

A day like this doesn’t seem like a hardship or asceticism. All it took was a little planning. And now I feel great about both what I was able to accomplish and enjoy!


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  1. I am still struggling with giving up meat. I go in saying I am going to just get veggies, and then forget as I am putting things on the plate. Then I can’t throw it away because that’s really defeating the purpose of this week. I am glad things are going better than yesterday for you. Getting past this cycle is a huge challenge, especially when everyone is eating all those processed foods right in front of your face. However, I agree that it doesn’t feel like a burden.

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