Good Day, Except…

The third day went well. I managed to take another short shower (about four minutes) and I even walked to CVS instead of driving. I still have my fan unplugged, but luckily the dorms were not as hot as yesterday. I did make one (kind of big) mistake and I was actually caught in the process. As I was walking back from Slayter with my plastic filled with bags of chips I ran into Professor Aguilar. Pretty bad timing. However, in my defense Slayter did have Baked Lays today and those are my absolute favorite chips. Maybe I could have said no, but sometimes you just need some chips. Sorry Professor.



  1. While I like that you are supporting each other, I think you are letting Jacob off the hook a little too easily.

  2. yikes ! caught in the act huh? Maybe next time you should hide the chips, or don’t buy them !!!

  3. at least you compensated for the chips by walking to CVS ha!

  4. Chips are a hard thing to give-up and I broke down had just had a bag of goldfish. You are not the only one to use some packaging ! Good job reducing your shower time

  5. That’s super awkward, way to go Jacob! But Olivia is right, don’t let the chips get ya down. Its difficult to eliminate all waste from the food we eat as college students because snacks are a necessity and there aren’t a lot of options as far as packageless foods. Keep on keepin on though, good stuff.

  6. I feel you on the chips but it is amazing that you walked all the way down to CVS and didn’t drive. I would have not even gone since I feel that it is a pretty far walk. Other wise it is great to see that you corrected yourself during the mistake and that is what this process is all about to show us that sometimes we forget about how big our impact really is. Keep up the good work.

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