Thankful for NIW

As Day 3 of No Impact week begins to wind down, I find myself extremely grateful for the “ho-humminess” of today. Once again, a beautiful day has allowed me to spend hours outside enjoying the weather and consequently, lots of time socializing with friends doing real-life activities rather than staring at screens all day. When you put the phones away, you learn to appreciate the pace of real life.

While I am usually really excited to receive a package from home, this little surprise has been made bittersweet thanks to No Impact week. I collected a package from the mailroom and was disappointed to see the entire box wrapped in unnecessary layers of plastic and a box full of packaged foods. Of course I am appreciative of my mom’s thoughtfulness, but No Impact week has made me wonder if sending snacks from home is really a good idea. In addition to the the distance the food had to travel to get to the grocery store where my mom bought it, the snacks traveled several states over just to create more waste in Ohio. In the future I might consider asking my mom to transfer money to my debit card and tell me to buy myself some snacks. I didn’t expect to feel so conflicted when receiving a surprise from home!



  1. The packaging is a hard pill to swallow. Again, we have to question why everything has to be individually packaged- and it is definitely not your mom’s fault.

  2. I’ve been trying to enjoy the “ho-hum” in life more as well. I’m usually on my phone if I’m doing anything, so trying not to use it as much has been a big change. I’ve come to really enjoy just doing nothing. The packaging problem is quite the conundrum.

  3. I had this same conflict! It’s frustrating to realize how much of an impact you can make even when you’re trying not to.

  4. That’s a really observant realization. I hadn’t thought about that when my mom sent me a package from home on Sunday. I have a big box of all these packaged foods that not only conflict with my consumption goals, but also sit along snacks I will probably not eat in time for school to end. Asking for money in the future to get these things is a really good solution. I will be interested to see how she reacts to this whole project.

  5. Gayle is amazing and she just really cares about her daughter. I know it is conflicting accepting such a great gift that comes with some negative packaging, but it is family and nice receiving food from home.

  6. This conflict is really interesting. There just reminds me how much room we always have to grow on the no impact front, but also how difficult it can be to get those around us to understand!

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