Third Day

My week has been very atypical regarding my car usage. On Monday, I carpooled to the Bio Reserve. Then on Tuesday, I had my only mid-week track meet of the year. And today is my formal, so I’ll be taking a bus to that as well. Usually, I don’t use a car at all during the week and only useĀ a vehicle when our bus travels to track meets every Saturday. I plan on not using a car tomorrow or on Friday to make up for these past few days.

As for electricity, I did run my fan for a little today and used a hair straightener (for the first time in about a year). I also had to charge my electric toothbrush because my mom is a dentist, and she insisted that I get one. Today its angry, red low-battery light came on, so I had to plug it in. I don’t have a spare manual toothbrush here, so there was no getting out of that one. Although it takes forever to charge- at least 6 hours, I don’t get it- it lasts for a few weeks. I also did my homework in the Mitchell Center today and kept the lights off in my room all day.

I forgot to ask for a Greenie at Slayter when I got dinner, but the rest of my meals were packaging-free.

Grace Zukowski

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  1. I’m really impressed that you studied in Mitchell. I keep forgetting and end up studying places where lights do not necessarily need to be one. But because of the nice weather studying outside has been really great recently!

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