Wednesday – 4/20

Today has been an amazing day. May have gotten a snapple for class, but otherwise have made little impact/abided by my goals. I woke up this morning and got ready with the blinds open. My mornings are always the best when its actually semi lit outside. Lit is always best man. I got my breakfast at Curtis (typical omelette, holla), and didn’t use a stirrer as I typically do. For lunch, my greenie did me a solid and secured my veggie sandy as I carried it back outside to lay in the grass. Unfortunately, I forgot to charge my phone last night and had to charge it a couple times throughout the day, but thats not really against my goals overall. I had a lot of napkins but I’m getting better.


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  1. I am glad you are happy with your consumption and you are keeping your goals in mind! Keeping everything in context is good, too. It’s nice to see people not beating themselves up too much for a small blunder. Keep working!

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