A Long Day of Driving and Working

Today has been a lot of driving, I drove out to school, drove out to get an oil change, drove back home, and drove to go get groceries today since it was raining (I did bring my own reusable bags though). I just do not know of a way to really reduce my carbon footprint. I would love to get an electric car, but there is now way I could get the money for that for a long time. I was looking at articles discussing electric cars and found that in the Netherlands they are banning all non-electric cars. I would be very interested to see how quickly the switch to electric cars begins. After all Tesla has has 400,000 Tesla 3’s pre-ordered. But other than that having less of an impact with what I eat and how long I take a shower for and what I drink out of is getting easier and easier.



  1. I agree with Mairead, it must be difficult to cut car emissions when you’re a commuter, especially when you have errands to run. I also think location factors into that, because much of Ohio is rural, so you have to drive long distances to get from one place to another, unlike in a city where nearly everything is within walking distance.

  2. Interesting fact on Tesla! Those electric cars are totally cool. I agree, lessening consumption has become easier and easier as the week progresses.

  3. Cutting down on car emissions definitely sounds challenging. But you’re making up for it in other ways!

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