Brutal Day

So I’ll be honest, today wasn’t a great day for me in the no impact department. I woke up for my 10am class and then headed to the library. I was persuaded to get in my friends car and then before I knew it I was ordering at Taco Bell. So driving and then adding onto that with ┬áTaco Bell consumption and waste really brought me down. I’m disappointed in myself. The good news is that I walked down to village coffee at one point though to get some exercise. I’m going to set a goal of taking a 4 minute shower tonight and not turning on my fan. Tomorrow marks the last day of no impact week and I’m planning to start it early and not create any waste from food or drink. I think I’ll be able to do it.




  1. Ryan,
    I hope you enjoyed your taco bell! there is no need for tears, everybody has moments of weakness. Great job walking to village coffee after though. Keep trying! looking forward to hearing about your last day.


  2. Not the best but everybody has those days. That walk is pretty tough glad you made it. You should try and do a little better tomorrow.

  3. Taco Bell, very tempting. Don’t worry about it too much though. One more day.

  4. Maybe you can make Friday be your best day yet…don’t give up!

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