Day 4

Wow, today was such an amazing day for this project in a sense of being able to enjoy some “ho-hum”. I was able to catch on some great reading that I have been putting off (thanks Caroline for the book suggestion). I cheated a little on my shower but still kept it under my usual ten minutes. Not only did I feel great just being able to relax it was just awesome not having any food waste today! I ate out of greenie for lunch and ate at Curtis for breakfast. Just another day where I felt like this no impact week was making a positive contribution to my life.



  1. You’re right, It is nice to appreciate the difference that our small actions are making.

  2. Sounds like a great day. I tried to be productive but it didn’t happen. Blake is blogging next to me right now and I’m happy to say he’s taking the project seriously and refuses to buy plastic bottles now. We’re getting there

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