Day 4

Today went very well, although mostly because my work oriented schedule gave me very few consumption opportunities. I have spent most of the day in the library or some other area with communal lighting, to minimize my electrical consumption. I also succeeded in shaving half a minute off of my fastest shower time, bringing me to an all time low of 4 minutes. I must admit that the absence of a leisurely morning shower is affecting my usually chipper breakfast demeanor. As always though, I did have a few setbacks. For instance, I used several paper towels when drying my hands before I realized what I was doing.



  1. Glad things are going well George. Good job on reducing shower time. I do miss being able to take longer showers. It really does make a difference though. Keep on keepin’ on!

  2. I feel you on the work oriented schedule. When you have a lot to do academically, you aren’t as tempted to go out and consume. And maybe your body will get used to the shorter showers so that it feels more normal and natural.

  3. I think that I actually prefer to take quicker morning showers. I feel like turning off the water to apply the soap wakes me up waaaaay quicker from the cold and gets me going for the day. I do have to force myself to do it since I am just so unwilling to get myself up in the morning.

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