Day 4- A true NO Impact day?!

I have made some really strong improvements since the beginning of the week and have kept myself from driving my car the entire time. I haven’t given up coffee, but I used one of the jars from my slip-ups from Monday (one of those Starbucks Frappuchino things) to drink coffee from and must say that even my friends said that’s a good idea. I must say, my legs are feeling good! I have been eating so many vegetables and fruits because I can’t eat the packaged sugar that I was inspired to¬†go to the gym last night. I felt I really good after a long run and plan to go again today if I have enough time. It’s also getting easier because it’s becoming second nature. I will definitely consider trying to continue this when I go home for the summer.



  1. Super impressive Phoebe, I wish I could change my eating habits because I know it would be very beneficial for not only me, but also the environment. However, being a picky eater makes things a little tough for me so I guess I just need to try harder. Again congrats!

  2. Fruits and veggies are honestly becoming my favorite things to eat, and great job it sounds like for the most part you are really taking a liking to this enlightening week.

  3. I love being vegetarian honestly. have felt so good since switching over. I always recommend.

  4. I agree also and hope you can continue it past this week. It is also nice to see that you fixed the issues you had early in the week and now continue to limit your impact.

  5. I also agree with the eating habits. I was starving after class this morning. Normally I would snack on either cookies or chips/crackers- but since I’m eating local, I was confined to yogurt and granola- it was a nice change!

  6. I definitely feel you on being inspired to continue with the eating habits post this week. I feel so much better not eating packaged food all the time.

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