Day 4: Enjoying Some Ho-Hum

Today was a good continuation to my No Impact Week. Even though I decided to get out of bed around 11 in the morning, it felt so good to wake up without my iPhone’s alarm and enjoy the warmth that the morning sun brought. Going in to Day 4, I really made it my goal to try to disconnect from all of the technology that I feel like I am so attached to. The crazy thing about technology, it allows us to connect with people all over the world. It allows you to keep in touch with family and friends back home. However, even though we have this ability to connect with so many people via messages, it seems as though we are more lonely and isolated in our lives. Everywhere I go, people are on their phones. Even when a group is eating together, they are on their phones transporting themselves somewhere else rather than being where they are now. Im not saying that I have never done it before either. That is why today I took it upon myself to turn my electronics off (except for my laptop to do homework) or turn off iMessage or other forms of messaging.

Since I have no classes on Thursdays, I decided to attempt to get all of the work that I needed to do done early. With the extra time that I had and no electronics to turn to, I decided to go to the park just down the street of Denison with my girlfriend. Just being able to enjoy the free time away from the fast pace life that we live in gave me an amazing sense of ho-hum. While admittedly I looked foolish as I am an adult running around acting like a 5 year old, it felt so amazing to be able to do something fun and enjoy time with others. This reminds me of when Colin talks about how he was walking back from the babysitter with Isabel in the rain. While everyone around him was rushing to find shelter, scurrying to taxis, using whatever they could find to shield the rain, he and his daughter took a stroll in the rain. He didn’t even realize the opportunity to experience ho-hum until he noticed that Isabel would cry when Colin put up his umbrella. It is not often that we can get this great feeling of ho-hum. It almost seems like in our everyday lives that instead of just turning everything off and enjoying a relaxing time with something, we try to fill in the gaps of our busy lives with things such as aimlessly scrolling through facebook, playing videogames, and sitting on our phones.

Im looking forward going in to Day 5 of No Impact Week. Even though trying to remind myself and always being conscience of my impact was strenuous and challenging, I feel like as the week goes on I’m finding out ways to reduce my impact that actually is easy and makes me happier.



  1. I think using my phone as my alarm is one that I will see if I can change. I just think it is the main reason I have my phone on for like 8 hours out of the day- which doesn’t seem necessary.

  2. Having no class Thursday is awesome, definitely gives some relief to the work week.

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