Got lazy on day 4

I went to Slayter twice today because I was not a fan of the food at the dinning hall. I was fully aware of my sins and I am very sorry for them, but I needed to eat well and Curtis was not up to par. I continue to use my reusable water bottle, which gives me satisfaction. I finally turned off all electronics in my room as a way to make up for going to slayter. Having the fan off is tough but it is definitely something I can live with. I plan on going the night without using my phone charger nor the TV.My showers have been consistantly short, which I am proud of. My goals for tomorrow is not to create any waste from eating or drinking. It is going to be hard, but if it was easy everyone would do it. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy so I don’t think not having the fan on will be too difficult, but i’ll probably want to be on my phone/laptop so a big challenge will be limiting my time on electronics. Good luck everyone



  1. The struggle of not having your mom or dad to ask what you want for dinner. I wasn’t a fan of the Curtis food today but I made myself stay so that I could make up for my weak days. Good job with the fan though! With this weather, it’s hard to go without it. Hopefully it doesn’t start to get too humid. Good luck with the rest of the week!

  2. Slip ups happen, we’re all just beginning to learn how to change our behaviors to reduce our impacts. Its great that you have goals set for the remainder of No Impact, just hang in there and keep up the good work with your short showers and keeping your fan off!

  3. I slipped up today too I understand. It’s hard to stay committed all week but at least you’re making positive efforts and seeing some results. You make a good point about if it was easy then everyone would do it.

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