Home Stretch

Today i have had a successful start. My shower was about 45 seconds, and yes i am clean. I find quick showers very easy and should be done world wide. People who sit and sing in the shower are responsible for so much waste water.  If there was a way to show how many gallons were used in each shower people would become more conscious about how long there showers are.



  1. I think you can probably get that down to 30 seconds if you try hard enough.

  2. Now I know why they call you speedy sammy. I would love to hear more about your day though sam. Please tell us about your challenges and what you could’ve done better so we can learn from your mistakes or successes. Keep up the good work and remember the three R’s. Reduce Reuse Recycle

  3. Your shower timing is quite impressive and I cannot imagine being able to reach that kind of goal but congrats dude! That us awesome seriously

  4. 45 seconds!!! I don’t even know what to say to that- amazing! It is pretty easy to take a short shower- and I agree, more people should do it! Nice work.

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