Rainy days

No Impact was a bit harder on Day 4 than earlier this week. With the sunshine gone and such gloomy weather, it was hard to spend nearly as much time outside. I tried to keep the lights off while inside but had to turn them on earlier than I would have liked in order to stay awake. I’ve gotten better about finding cloth napkins or just rinsing my hands off when I spill or get dirty, so I’m happy to finally be eliminating my paper waste in that way. I avoided all packaged food today, as well, which feels like a victory! Hoping to finish up the week strong tomorrow on our last day of no impact.



  1. I understand completely, the gray skies are very dull and gloomy and does not provide the excitement given by the sunshine.

  2. Yeah, the weather was definitely super gloomy today. I spent most of the day inside too, so I know what you mean. I tried to occupy my time reading for classes instead of being on my phone or computer. Some days are just easier than others. Keep it up Caroline!

  3. I felt the same way about the weather. I had my lights off pretty much all day during the beginning of the week, but had to turn them on today.

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