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Over halfway done with No Impact Week! Although I’m still slipping up here and there, I’ve become more conscious of my impact. For instance, I used a plastic fork today in Slayter (which I then washed and plan to reuse), but as I was picking it up I thought about it. I realized that I was making waste with that fork, waste that I could’ve prevented had I brought silverware. Even though I’m still making waste, using electricity, and driving places, I’ve become so much more conscious of my decisions.

If anything, I’ve already taken away from this project that we take so many things for granted- napkins, coffee cups, air conditioning- that we don’t even notice our consumption. We flick a switch and the lights turn on, 10 times out of 10. There’s always a disposable fork to use to eat the food that we always have. And when we’re done, there’s always a trash can to use to throw away what we don’t want. Just paying attention to these details has made me notice how much of an impact I really have

Grace Zukowski

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  1. I feel like that is one of the most important realizations that this week will help us understand. You are so right, we take so many of these conveniences for granted not even realizing what the impacts might be. Even though the man from the coal power plant was abrasive, very incorrect on many issues, completely blind to what environmentalist are trying to actually do… he was right when he said that we consume energy and don’t really think twice about how when we flip the switch, it will always turn on.

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