The issues with food

I’ve been saying I’ll write about food…and here it is. It is one thing to eat local, but it is quite another thing to eat local without eating meat and without creating waste. If I were to truly eat locally, then I do feel like it would be bordering asceticism because I would then have to forgo salt and other spices. So I usually eat locally and still use spices and sauces that I already have in the house. With some careful planning and good neighborly connections I was able to conjure the following:

friends Lynn and Brad: eggs, a whole chicken, a pound of beef

Bird’s Haven farms: carrots, lettuce, kale, green onions, turnips

Blue Owl emporium: mushrooms, ramps, jerusalem artichokes, sorrel

from the store: local corn chips!, cheese, bread, yogurt, granola, pasta, marinara

As you can see, if I only ate the vegetables, my options would be interesting…in fact half of my meals this week have been some version of bread and cheese! So, the meat creates a nice diversion from the reliance on cheese- and because I know that it comes from my friend’s house and they don’t necessarily spend a lot energy raising their livestock, I think it is a decent compromise. If only I could find local beans!

So, I’ve been able to come up with some creative meals in addition to the bread and cheese: 1) pasta with mushrooms, chicken and marinara; 2) roasted chicken, carrots and jerusalem artichokes (though this did take some energy to make in the slow cooker); 3) and for my birthday I made nachos and treated myself to Whits, thinking if I got a cone I would have zero waste (wrong- they have to put a paper wrapper around the cone 🙁 ).  All in all, the food was pretty good…but I will have some packaging from the chicken, beef and left over stock I used. I will also have some packaging waste from all of the things I bought at the store. Unfortunately, unlike Colin, we don’t have a farmer’s market going on right now. I’m just thankful that my farming friends were kind enough to find a way to get their goods to me. It helps to have a community…and to know your local farmers!

FullSizeRender (6)

Oh, I forgot, I also made a homemade pesto from regular garden weeds (mustard garlic) and some hickory nuts from Blue Owl.


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  1. I would love to be able to cook and truly attempt to eat local. I feel like eating at the dinning halls at Denison I get as close to local as I can due to the fact that it is very challenging for students to be able to get good local local ingredients and cook in the dorms! I am looking forward to going home where I can do an experiment and try to eat as local and least impactful as possible!

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