And on the Fifth Day

No Impact Week is over. I realized that limiting my impact on the environment wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. Just doing the small things like walking rather than driving, turning off the lights, and asking for a grenne. Today was a breeze and it looks like I’m starting to keep some of these no impact habits from this week. I spent today outside, away from electronics and the confines of indoors, really allows one to experience the “ho-hum” that we talked about in class. Thinking back to class today I really feel that No Impact could have accomplished more if it was done for a little more time. One week just doesn’t do it justice. For example, I didn’t do laundry this week due to my effort to reduce water usage but I have to do it next week. I feel that we could have been more productive if we stretched No Impact Week out for a little more time.



  1. Just because our No Impact week is officially ending doesn’t mean that you can’t extend the goals to your day to day life going forward. Thoughtful choices will rub off on those around you in time, don’t give up the good fight and continue to seek out the ho-hum every now and then.

  2. Yes I would have to agree, it would be more fun to get more people involved and expand it. Although I am glad you got to spend time outside and enjoy some ho-hum

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