And that’s a wrap, folks

Even though No Impact week has come to an end, I intend on continuing my new reduced-impact behaviors for the remainder of the semester and I’m excited to bring these habits home for the summer. My mom is constantly upset with us for the amount of energy we use and she actually tracks our household energy use on a graph so I imagine she’ll be very pleased with my energy-conscious habits.

Reflecting on this week can be frustrating: its hard to know that, no matter how hard one tries to change their own habits for the greater good, others will continue to behave according to their own agendas. Seeing others throw garbage into the recycling makes your own efforts feel pointless, worthless even. What’s the point in recycling your own cans when you know that the whole batch will inevitably be discarded? This week has taught me the importance not of individual action but of individual intention. The diligence with which we maintain our behaviors that work towards our greater goals will not go unnoticed. Passion is powerful and I will carry the experiences from this week to continue to hopefully, eventually, somehow make a change in the attitudes of those I encounter. Thanks for a good week, and happy Earth Day, y’all.



  1. We have to attempt to educate people. This walks a fine line though between being pretentious and educational. People, by nature, are stubborn animals. We have been raised in a culture where, for all intents and purposes, consuming is good. Now we are attempting to pull the rug out from under them and tell them that for their entire lives, they have wasted and cnsumed things that they do not need that have negatively effected other people. People do not want to hear how bad they are, they want to think that they are always the good guy in the story and admitting that they have not been is probably the hardest part of accepting the change that we need. This is especially hard with the older generation, but we can continue to slowly mold society into the sustainable world that future generations deserve.

  2. Glad to see that you will be continuing your efforts! I plan on doing the same. I also plan on revising my goals and finding new ways to lessen my impact on the environment.

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