Chocolate got the best of me

So day four of impact week flew by. I started my morning off like any other. Shower (5 min), water, and an apple. I only had two classes today so after class I worked on some homework then walked to practice with my teammate. Since then, I have been working on homework in our common room. I ate at the dining halls for lunch and dinner and I made sure I got the appropriate serving size so that I wouldn’t have any excess to throw away. The only problem with today is that I got my daily chocolate craving (I’m a chocoholic)… so my friend gave me a kit kat. The wrapper is sitting on the table next to me as I type and it’s giving me this accusing glare. But really, it was a pretty successful day! It helped that I didn’t have much to do. Hopefully tomorrow goes just as smoothly.



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  2. I can definitely relate. I bought some Sweedish Fish in Slayter today and ate one after I realized that I was wasting packaging. 🙁

  3. Chocolate is also my temptation- but I find that NI week has actually helped me to avoid it- which I’m sure is healthier! Still, I can relate!

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