Day 5: Final day

Today was the last day of no impact and I felt like today wasn’t as easy as the other days. Today I kinda slipped up as it was the final day. I didn’t go back to old habits but I took a little longer shower and used my friends car to get food off campus. If though I slipped up I still feel like I learned a lot from this week as my eyes opened up and now I understand that I could make an impact. With this week I learned a lot and I hope that I will continue to limit my impact and make a difference on a smaller scale. My goals that I set for this week were all achieved and I will continue to make new goals in hopes that I will achieve those also. All in all the week was exciting and different and had a lot of fun being apart of no impact week.


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  1. Tough to hear about the slip up. I agree with how this week has changed my habits as well.

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