Day Five

Today began really well, I took a short shower (about two minutes) and then proceeded to get breakfast in Curtis before class. Something I realized while in Curtis today is how easy it is to not be sustainable. Curtis provides boxes of napkins completely filled on each and every table. This allows you to take sixty napkins, when you really only need one.

No Impact week has been one of the most powerful experiences I have had this semester. It made me hyper aware of my habits (many of them bad) and taught me a lot of ways to fix them. Not being able to communicate over phone this week has really allowed me to be present with the people around me. I feel closer to the people I spend my time with because I don’t have the distraction of communicating with others. No Impact week has taught me a lot about living in the present.



  1. So happy to hear that you felt this was a powerful experience. Remember, it doesn’t have to be NI week to try to make less impact!

  2. Stepping away from the phone is hard, but it really does pay off

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