Last Day

Honestly, after this week I have officially decided to try and change my habits along with trying to influence others to change theirs. It was an enlightening experience to really be more connected with the amount of waste I produce and with my horrible habits as a human being. Today was great, I produced no waste and only used greenies which was amazing. I hope to continue these patterns and become a better person. My shower has been cut down drastically along with my food consumption (I only grab what I know I will eat). The only conflict I had was the fact that I had to drive to drop my sister off at lacrosse, and it was a 50 mile round trip, but my parents are both extremely busy on Fridays and couldn’t make it. Other than this little hiccup I am happy with this week.



  1. Good job Kali, don’t feel too guilty about the drive!

  2. It’s funny that you said you will grab only what you know you will eat. I was thinking to myself today that I eat without even thinking. When i’m bored I will reach for chips or oreos. And I think this week has really opened my eyes to that and I plan on changing my ways. I’m glad you feel good about this week!

  3. Its great to hear that you intend to continue with your thoughtful behaviors. Its hard to get away from using the car, sometimes its absolutely necessary so don’t beat yourself up over it. Congrats on a good week and of course, don’t forget to seek out some ho hum every now and then.

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