Last day comes with mixed emotions

I often find myself both sad and excited to end NI Week. I think the reasons for excitement are obvious. When you think about it though, what we are probably really excited about is not having to think about our actions- and perhaps this is what is also sad.

We look so forward to going back to our regular habits and routines without having to really scrutinize our time in the shower and our choice at Slayter and our decision to drive, etc. Is this a good thing? This is one of those times when it feels like “normality is actually insane”. That thinking about our actions is so difficult, is actually a bit disturbing. But perhaps we can think about them at least a little more than before.

I don’t think this means we have to get stuck in a dilemma of consumption, but maybe we can just make better choices. Maybe there is one action that we can take from this week and make it more a part of our daily routine.

I think I am also sad because this project also really makes me feel like part of something- if only for a week- that is bigger than myself. I actually do feel, that even in a small way, we are making an impact by making less impact. I am always so proud of my classes for their efforts and their willingness to go on this crazy journey. I hope you will always remember this experience- and remember that you were willing to try!


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  1. This week definitely has taught me lots and i think as a class we made a bigger impact then we think. In the near future maybe there will be a campus wide NIW. Can only get bigger from there on.

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